Travel Update COVID-19

Protocols in Puerto Vallarta during COVID-19

Last update: August 2021.


  • Temperature screening with digital thermometers and thermal cameras at passenger entry and exit.
  • Limiting access to companions in terminals, unless clearly justified.
  • Safe distancing (1.5 – 2 m) during documentation, inspection areas, immigration, customs, baggage and cargo handling, boarding and disembarking, among other processes.
  • Hand sanitizer dispensers around terminal and required use of masks.
  • Prioritizing walking at boarding and disembarking, avoiding the use of passenger carts.


  • Have strict cleaning standards and use chemical products to properly disinfect rooms and common areas. Cleaning systems like UV lamps, steam cleaning and chlorine should be used.
  • Hotels are operating at 80% of their capacity and 50% in their common areas and beach services. Hotel pools, beach clubs, spas, gyms, and restaurants are already available to guests.
  • Sanitary filters should be placed denying access to people with body temperature of over 37 °C and/or cold-like symptoms.
  • Hand sanitizer for guest use at entrance doors.
  • Use of mask required in common areas and when in contact with people that are not in the same group.
  • Check out the list of hotels that are currently operating in Puerto Vallarta following guidelines set by the Federal Government and the State of Jalisco.

Tour guides and DMCs

  • Staff will use facemasks and visors, will not shake hands and will keep a safe distance.
  • Washing hands with soap and water before and after each service.
  • Hand sanitizer available in DMC area at airport and hotel lobby for continuous hand disinfection.
  • Door handles and lateral walls will be cleaned before boarding the vehicle.
  • When boarding a vehicle, passengers will keep a safe distance of 1.5-2m between them.


  • Restaurants and coffee shops will operate at 50% of their capacity with operation until 00:00 hrs.
  • Hand sanitizer will be given at arrival; use of masks is required at entry. Access will be denied to people with body temperature of over 37 °C and/or cold-like symptoms.
  • Periodic disinfection using chlorine solution in high-contact areas should be done, as well as common areas.
  • Safe distance between tables (5-7 feet) should be kept and have no more that 8 people per table.
  • If there are physical menus, they should be disinfected between each customer. The use of digital menus through QR codes is recommended.


  • Masks should be used when entering and exiting public beaches as well as facilities.
  • Use of flags according to beach capacity (green and red).
  • Keep safe distance of at least 5 meters between family or group.
  • Groups of maximum 8 people, preferably from the same family or group. No sharing objects like inflatables between groups.
  • Use of trash bags for organic and inorganic waste, to be deposited in trash cans.
  • Public beach clubs should comply with biosafety measures at entry and sanitizing of equipment after every use.
  • Staff should wear masks or visors at all times.

Local Transportation

  • Mandatory use of masks for drivers and users.
  • If possible, open windows to improve ventilation.
  • It is recommended to sit at the back to keep a safe distance with the driver.

Tours and Activities

  • Deny access to people with body temperature of over 37 °C and/or cold-like symptoms.
  • Keep a safe distance of 1.5-2m with clients and co-workers.
  • Hand sanitizers available at various points and sanitizing of tour equipment.
  • Use of masks required when the activity allows it.

General Information

  • Safe distance of 1.5-2m, hygiene guidelines and contact restrictions are followed.
  • Mandatory use of masks in public transport and all kinds of establishments.



In order to ensure the return to schools for kids and teenagers at the end of August, the Government of the State of Jalisco has issued certain containment measures that will come into effect as of July 30th, 2021.
The Tourism Council and Trust in Puerto Vallarta provides you with the new measures implemented by the Government of the State of Jalisco, in regards to stopping the spread of COVID-19, consciously looking after the destination’s visitors and citizens’ health.

Hotels, restaurants, beaches, shopping centers, spas, gyms and fitness centers, the Malecon, tour operators, natural attractions, and all other activities in the destination will continue to strictly follow the implemented safety measures and maximum capacity.

The State of Jalisco has been taking prompt decisions and actions to handle the current health situation responsibly, stopping the spread and moving steadily towards economic recovery.

We invite you to follow the guidelines emitted by health authorities to guarantee the safety and health of all visitors and citizens of Jalisco.


The use of masks is mandatory for every person in any public space, such as public streets, public buildings and public transportation, as well as commercial establishments or services with general access.


Hotels are operating at 80% of their capacity and 50% in their common areas and beach services. Hotel pools, beach clubs, spas, gyms, and restaurants are already available to guests.

Each and every hotel is following strict health and sanitation protocols, established and monitored by local authorities, as well as their own corporate or business protocols.

Sanitary filters are placed, denying access to persons with a body temperature of over 37°C, and/or cough-like symptoms; hand sanitizer for guest use is given at entrance doors; the use of masks is mandatory in common areas and when in contact with people that do no belong to the same travel group.


In general, public beaches are open; nevertheless, it is recommended to follow the preventive guidelines for a safe and healthy social coexistence: It is recommended to shower before and after visiting the beach; keep a safe distance of 6 feet (5m) between groups; use hand sanitizer; use masks when entering and exiting the beach (can be removed once there); groups no larger than 8 people (preferably from the same family); chairs, loungers, and umbrellas must be sanitized before use; it is suggested to not share objects with other groups at the beach (floats, balls, and others).

Additionally, wear a mask when accessing public toilets along with hand sanitizer to enter and exit; trash bags for solid waste should be properly closed and left in the trash cans available at the beach; the indications by lifeguards and security staff should be followed and obeyed at all times.


Health, disinfection, and prevention measures are still being strictly followed at the International Airport of Puerto Vallarta, the maritime terminal, public transport, supermarkets, and government offices

It is worth emphasizing that The World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC) gave the Safe Travels Stamp to the State of Jalisco, in recognition of the strict hygiene and safety standards followed in all its facilities.


The beautiful and iconic Malecon boardwalk is completely open to the public. Plazas, shopping malls, and corridors are open following health protocols. Similarly, museums, galleries, theaters, cinemas, gyms, spas and sports facilities.

With a strong sense of responsibility, tours and recreational activities are normally operating, with a maximum capacity of 80%, reason why we recommend booking in advance.

Restaurants will operate with a maximum capacity of 50% until 00:00 hrs.

Bars and clubs are suspended during the month of August.

Casinos will have a maximum capacity of 60%.

Supermarkets, convenience stores, department stores and businesses will have a maximum capacity of no more than 75% up to 500, 70% up to 1,000 on surfaces larger than 4,000 m2.

Parking spaces will operate at 75% of their capacity.


Event venues and spaces for social events will be allowed 150 people in indoor spaces and 300 people in open-air spaces. Conventions, exhibitions, and expos will have a maximum capacity of 3,000 people simultaneously as long as the space is greater than 10,000m2 and as a limit 6,000 people per day.


It is encouraged that all citizens and visitors practice social distancing in public areas and wear a mask, which is mandatory at supermarkets, convenience stores, churches, offices, and other enclosed premises.

The United States border with Mexico is still closed for non-essential travel, including pedestrian crossing, until February 21st, 2021. Domestic and international airlines are continuing to resume their routes and frequency and have reported an increase in bookings (connectivity details below).

As of January 26th, all passengers on international flights bound for the United States, including those who have received the COVID-19 vaccine, will be required by the Center for Disease Control to show proof of a negative COVID-19 test, whether antigen (rapid test) or PCR or written documentation of recovery following a COVID-19 infection prior to boarding. This follows similar regulations issued by the Canadian government as from January 7th, 2021, requiring a negative COVID-19 test (PCR or LAMP) for all inbound international passengers as of January, 2021. Tests for entry into the USA must be conducted no more than 72 hours prior to departure, and for Canada no more than 96 hours prior to departure from Puerto Vallarta.

To facilitate this process, Puerto Vallarta offers North American citizens COVID-19 tests in convenient locations across the destination such as the airport, medical facilities and select hotels at affordable prices. It is recommended to schedule an appointment as far in advance as possible by contacting any of the providers listed in this document. Any additional requirements, costs, and the current status of results should also be confirmed directly with the service provider.

Passengers who test positive for COVID-19 but exhibit no major symptoms will be required to undergo a mandatory 14-day quarantine which can be completed in their hotel on a designated floor (if available) or room. Each hotel applies different policies for mandatory quarantines, with some offering steeply discounted rates. Specifics should be confirmed with individual hotels directly.

Although not strictly necessary, it is recommended for international travellers to have travel insurance.

In order to facilitate and speed up your arrival at Puerto Vallarta International Airport, we recommend reading and filling out your entry form at the following link: Download Arrivals / Departures Protocols for U.S. travelers

Below you’ll find more information and a real-time list of all testing options in Puerto Vallarta.



Hotels offering complimentary on-site antigen test for US clients:

*The responsibilty for services and costs regarding the listed options relies solely on the service providers.